I have been seeing Nancy for over 10 years. She is always upbeat, she listens to you and she never over does anything as far as injections. I look forward to seeing her and trust her 100%.

Mary C.

By far the best in the industry. Fair, honest, efficient and an artist in her trade. I am a very loyal customer due to her expertise and genuine commitment to my satisfaction.

Colleen J.

“I had the photofacial for my rosacea. It worked wonderfully—the red capillaries on my cheek are gone, leaving my face looking years younger!” 

Pat S.

I went to another medical spa received poor results. 20 minutes with her problem fixed. She's attentive, takes her time, she's fantastic!

Megan C.

“Like many women of a certain age, I saw my lips get flatter with deep lines above. Dr. Shibayama’s expert, artistic injections of Restylane raised my upper lip with minimal bruising. Other injections raised deep smile lines and smoothed forehead lines. Dr. Shibayama does an incredible job with tiny corrections that have a huge impact.”

Kristin H.

“I had a scar on my arm that was quite noticeable and more than 25 years old. Not expecting much, I was pleased and surprised after just 3 treatments to say that the scar appears 60-70% improved. In addition, the noticeable whiteness of the scar tissue is gone and now blends normally with my own skin color. I am very pleased, thank you so much!” 

Gwenn J.

“Hi Dr. Nancy, I wanted to thank you again for giving me relief from the burning, irritated, tomato red face I have been living with for eight years. You have also given me more confidence to face people. It was a joy to meet you and I really appreciate your patience and understanding of my fears and many questions.Prior to the IPL treatment, the discomfort I had was unbearable. I tried all the prescribed medications for rosacea. Metrogel helped best, but only for a few hours each day. Using sunscreen and makeup over Metrogel irritated my skin. I couldn’t find anything to protect my skin or cover the redness that would not irritate my skin. My eyes burned and looked like I was stoned.After one pulsed light photofacial treatment, I had no burning at all! It was a miracle! I danced with joy! My face redness has faded to a nicer light pink and I can wear sunscreen! I do not even need to use my prescribed Metrogel. People no longer look at me like I am stoned, I no longer hear “why is your face so red?” I can finally can face people with confidence instead of avoiding them.Thanks again for the relief and confidence. Best wishes for your success!”

Carol B.

“After getting the perfect tan and years of playing tennis my skin showed the years of abuse. I couldn’t believe after the first treatment of Laser with Dr. Nancy I could actually see the difference. I think it was maybe after the third treatment, my daughter said, Dad, look at Mom, her skin looks years younger than mine. I also had a friend’s husband make the comment that my complexion looked radiant. He didn’t know that I had been seeing Dr. Nancy. When Dr. Nancy showed me the before and after pictures I couldn’t believe the difference. I’ve seen pictures such as that before and couldn’t quite believe them. I feel wonderful and more youthful looking after completing the laser treatments.”

Marilyn H.

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